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Why did you want to open a wedding venue?

The romance of a beautiful wedding has always intrigued me (Christine). The gorgeous dresses, the fancy suits, the extravagant tables and decoration. I love beautiful things, and value well-made, vintage things that were meant to last.

The thought of being a part of ones most precious days in a couples life brings joy to my heart.

The team at Vintage Chic weddings each have their own unique role, from lawn mowing to dish washing to being an active part of your special day. We are each good at what we do.

What is your favourite part of the venue?

Grace Chapel is my favourite part. Named after my grandmother who passed away right before we purchased the farm. I have loved collecting chairs to fill it with. Talking to each person and hearing the story behind where the chair came from and who owned it. A piece of history is in every seat in the chapel and I love that. 

What makes Vintage Chic Weddings & Events unique?

The Grace Chapel makes our wedding venue unique. As far as I know, there isn't another specific chapel at another venue nearby. 

Our collection fine china and silverware also sets us apart. Reduce, reuse, recycle are real values of mine, so to have a venue filled with things of the past really matters to me.

Can you accommodate events year-round?

Yes we can! We have insulated and heated the barn to give the option of having events take place in the colder, winter months. 

Do you provide the dinnerware and furniture?

We do have fine china, silverware, glassware, tablecloths, chair covers, etc. which is included in some packages, or as an add on option.

Please see our Packages page for more information.

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